Update digital ID certificates

Ensure you follow these next easy steps and update your certificates by 31 March 2018! After that time, the update can not be done! Read more about it here

Before renewal

  • Upload the latest software here

  • If you have encrypted files, decrypt and save them. Instructions here

  • Take your current PIN codes, paper and pen. Write down new PIN and PUK codes.

  • Check tutorial video here


  • Close all programs and browser windows

  • Open ID card Utility and click “Renew”, follow the instructions displayed

  • Keep your card in the reader until the update has finished

  • Write down your new PIN and PUK codes

Need assistance?

If you run into any trouble completing the certificate update, please contact the ID card technical support on abi@id.ee and provide them with your name, document number, description of the problem and a screenshot or diagnostics file. Instructions for taking the diagnostics file can be found here.

Find more information here