Mac OS user

Technical problems using Mac OS?

Estonia updated the security of the Estonian digital ID cards. Due to that, Mac OS users temporarily can experience some inconveniences using their e-Residency digi-IDs. If you are experiencing some tehcnical problems, please find solutions here:

  • Download the latest ID card software from Apple App store

  • Find solutions for authentication problems here

  • Find solutions for other problems related to Mac OS here

Mac OS users and certificate update.

E-residents can use Apple Macs to update their certificates, as well as continue using them for digitally signing documents in the ID card utility software. However, other uses of Estonian digital ID cards after the certificate update will only be possible on Apple Macs with the current version of the Firefox browser (and not if you download Firefox’s update scheduled for 15 December 2017). In the meantime, Apple Mac users are encouraged to download the Firefox browser and not update it from 15 December.

Please find more information in our FAQ here