Blocked PIN codes

Blocked PIN1 or PIN2

When you enter the PIN code wrong three times, the use of your authentication or signature certificate will be blocked. The blocking can be revoked with your PUK code.

  • Find your PUK code

  • Follow the instructions here

Blocked PUK code

If you enter an incorrect PUK code three times, your digital ID card will be locked and you will need to apply for a new digital ID card.

  • Apply for a new digital ID card here

    Remember, state fee 100€ needs to be paid again for processing the application.

  • Choose "Other" as a type of application

  • After submitting the application wait for the email notification to pick up your new digital ID card

  • Schedule an appointment at your chosen digital ID card pick-up location

    If you urgently need to access e-services or sign digitally documents, please contact your business service provider for help.

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